We design ugly websites

No seriously, we are committed and devoted into GROWING YOUR BUSINESS with the latest technology in design and code. Whether you need a prestigious showcase for your company or an eCommerce platform to sell your products, we WILL do what it takes to make you stand out and achieve the best results possible.


MinimalPink is a digital creative agency based in Brazil with love and passion for web design and marketing. While every business has its challenges, we are here to solve them by developing interactive intelligent solutions. We can be your loyal long-term partner to help you succeed and achieve your goals.  Our goal is to contribute quality work for our online clients.

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Amer is the founder of MinimalPink. He has great passion for art and design, but his life has been on the move from one country to the other for the past 20 years and this led him to toy with web design and eventually create stunning websites. His responsibility lies in the design from 0 to finish with close attention to details. Amer has just moved to Brazil and is hoping to settle their and start developing his technology SECRET concept which he thinks is going to make the world a better place.

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Concept & Research

What makes you unique to your customers? We study the concept of your business and make thorough research for your niche competition not to be competitive, but to discover what your competitors are missing. This missing link is going to make you stand out from the crowed. We will then plan all necessary elements which are going to be effective and engaging for your consumer.

Design & Content

A picture is worth a thousand words. Imagine this picture is dynamic and responsive, it must speak millions of words then. The most important elements to engage anyone in anything is to get them attracted, and this is what we strive to do in our design. We  exhaust all possibilities for the perfect design which is not only going to look beautiful but also user friendly. Most of all, WE THINK MINIMAL.

then comes...

Development & Functionality

“Under the hood” is the core success of any product. We know that, and this is the mentality we have in mind while coding your website. We use the latest technology in coding for a superior functionality and ever lasting compatibility. In other words, we have very good knowledge and experience in clean and well documented coding with all the options necessary so you can manage your products with max convenience.

Marketing & SEO

Ok, so you have the greatest product on earth but nobody has seen it. What is it worth? 0. Healthy and smart SEO is the foundation of any marketing success. We research and implement keywords that has high demand and the least competition. This results in your product shining out to the world. Once we deliver you the product, we’ll continue helping you on reaching your goals as long as you require us.


During the years we’ve helped organizations and individuals alike from a variety of brands achieve their online goals. We are always here waiting for any ideas or inquiries you have in mind, and would LOVE to help you achieve them.

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